About Us

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Who we are

We are a small company with large ambitions.

We can see the value in cloud offerings available today, but understand that they can be overwhelming & complicated to setup & maintain.

What we do

Our vision is to make cloud centric data backup & disaster recovery practises seamless, simple and highly secure.

We also believe that our implementaion of processes caters for a wide variety of use cases & industries.

How we do it

By creating a suite of bespoke tools, we enable seamless cloud integration for data archive & disaster recovery processes.

We do this, whilst hosting our own infrastructure entirely in the cloud.

Our values

We believe everyone has a right to privacy. So we consider security and privacy to be our top priorities.

We respect your privacy, so we also work tirelessly to ensure your data remains secure and in your full control.

Our data storage and transfer model, ensures that you never lose control of your stored assets. Your data remains securely in cloud provider accounts owned by you, but managed by us. This also gives you the freedom to remove us at anytime without losing access to any data stored.